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BioVirexagen Raising too heavy shells will not give better results, but rather will lead to injury. If you have any questions about the sitting dumbbell bench press, leave them in the comments to this article and you will receive an answer soon. We also recommend that you subscribe to the site's newsletter and receive new articles in your mail, as well as articles and information that is available only to subscribers of our site. The bench press is aimed at developing the anterior and lateral sections of the deltoid muscles. Also included in the exercise are the triceps and upper chest, but they act as the main supporting muscles. This is the best exercise for gaining mass and strength of deltoids. To perform this type of bench press, a bench with a short back and a varying angle of inclination is best suited. The short back of the bench allows you to lean your head back a bit during the exercise. The bench press can be performed both from the chest and from behind the head, but the “from the chest” option is more natural from the point of view of the position of the spine and less dangerous. If you are new to bodybuilding, you should perform this exercise while standing - this will reduce the load on the lower back. However, in the future, the option of such a bench press on its feet will be less effective and will not allow to work out the shoulders deeply. Exercise can be performed in a special simulator, which fixes the horizontal position of the bar and allows it to move only vertically. This option will help to more heavily load the shoulders as it allows you to take more weight weights, but this is not recommended, since the fixation of the bar excludes the stabilizing functions of the deltoid muscles.

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